Dig Safe


Dig Safe® is a not-for-profit clearinghouse that notifies participating utility companies of commercial or residential plans to dig. In turn, these utilities (or their contract locating companies) respond to mark out the location of their underground facilities. Dig Safe is a free service, funded entirely by its member utility companies.

“I’ve worked with Partners Technology and the Mitel phone equipment for over twenty-eight years, I find it dependable, I find it indestructible, something that I don’t know how we’d live without.”
Robert Finelli
President Dig Safe System, Inc.


Dig Safe Goals

  • Replace an aging phone system that provided zero visibility into customer interactions
  • Minimize employee downtime and increase productivity
  • Improve customer satisfaction


Partners Technology Recommended Solutions

  • MiVoice Office 250, Unified Communications System
  • MiContact Center Application
  • MiVoice Call Recording Application
  • Teleworker / Remote Workers


Dig Safe Benefits

  • Call Recording
  • Telephone System Uptime
  • Remote workers VoIP telephones

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