Cobalt Benefits Group, LLC


Cobalt Benefits Group, LLC
Exeter, NH

EBPA was originally founded in Hampton, New Hampshire in June 1963, where it began marketing and administering medical plans. With rapid and continued growth, EBPA began expanding its product lines to a suite of reimbursement accounts and business solutions including COBRA, Retiree Billing, Flexible Spending Accounts, HRAs, Parking/Transit, and Tuition and by 1988 EBPA was a full-service TPA for ancillary and reimbursement accounts. As a one stop shop TPA, EBPA is more than an administrator, but a one roof benefit solution for all your healthcare and benefit needs.

“Having just installed a new Mitel system, once the pandemic hit, we were able to continue business as usual with little to no impact to the customer by enabling all 185 of our employees to work from home.”
Chris Cassino
Cobalt Benefits Group, Vice President of IT and Chief Information Security Officer


Cobalt Benefits Group – Goals

  • Replace legacy Siemens phone system that didn’t support remote access
  • Improve Call Center and Call Reporting capabilities
  • Enable Mobility features and functionality for remote employees
  • Reduce telco costs


Partners Technology Recommended Solutions

  • Mitel MiCloud Connect – Cloud-Based Unified Communications Solution
  • Cloud Faxing
  • Cloud Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) for Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery


Cobalt Benefits Group – Benefits of New Technology

  • Business Continuity
  • Remote Access – Once the pandemic hit, business continued as usual
  • Improved Uptime
  • Fast ROI – by reducing telco circuits, achieved savings of $5,000 per month

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