Remote Working Solutions


Enabling employees to work from home is by and far the most implemented business continuity plan during the pandemic. At Partners Technology, we are pleased to offer the full portfolio of Mitel on-premise, cloud and hybrid communications technologies.


We also offer remote worker softphone and video meeting applications to make it easy for teams to collaborate. In most cases, you can get the new features you need in a timely manner. Users simply download a smartphone app and immediately can work from home. Employees can place outbound calls just as if they were calling from their office phone and even make intercom (extension to extension) calls.


We know consumers and businesses of all sizes are under stress and that some many are facing significant hardship. We are an essential business and are dedicated to helping you bring your technology and resources together to allow your employees the opportunity to work from home, just as if they were in the office.

MiTeam Meetings Overview (1:04)

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